Black Hole - Boat Slide

It starts from the tower height of 15 and 12 meters and ends in the drop pool with two-person or single-person boats. This indoor dark slide is definitely one of our most popular slides, giving it a unique and incredible gliding pleasure.

While the natural effects of this slide show a wonderful visual harmony with the water inside the slide, it offers an unforgettable visual feast to those who slide at high speed. To all the pleasures you experience on the Rafting Slide, the uncertainty of which direction you go on this slide and when the speed will decrease or increase will be added.

  • Slide Name: Black Hole Slide With Boats
  • Length 300 meters (2 slides)
  • Slide Channel Quantity: 2 people slide by boat
  • Number of Slides 2 Pieces (All of them are closed, with colored LED lights inside)
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Brown, White, Yellow, Orange
  • For whom: Adults and children aged 16 and over can skate
  • Depth 1400 mm
  • Width 1400 mm
  • Slope 10/13 %
  • Capacity 180×2
  • Exit Private Pool
  • Output Water Flow (Start) 120 m3/h

Note: We keep our slides closed for a short time for the lunch and need breaks of our Personnel working on the slides.

  1. Session Opening Time: 11:00 Closing Time: 13:00
  2. Session Opening Time: 14:00 Closing Time: 15:30
  3. Session Opening Time: 16:00 Closing Time: 17:30
  4. Session Opening Time: 19:00 Closing Time: 20:00
  5. Session Opening Time: 21:00 Closing Time: 22:30

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