Multi Slider

This interactive slide puts you in a head-to-toe excitement.

Open Slider

Open Slider – Rafting Slider is an open water slide that will give you an unforgettable experience.

Super Slider

Super slider offer you a safe and fun slide with a very high adrenaline from 12 mt tower height.


KAMIKAZE is a slide designed to provide a high speed experience.

Compact Slider

It is a slide that ends with 2-3 turns in the bowl by sliding through the high tube slide with a 3/16% slope.

Black Hole

It starts from the tower height of 15 and 12 meters and ends in the drop pool with two-person or single-person boats. This indoor dark slide is definitely one of our most popular slides, giving it a unique and incredible gliding pleasure.

Misafirlerimiz Ne Diyor?

Seeing the negative comments, my wife and I hesitated whether it was worth going from Istanbul. But I’m glad we ignored those who pretended to have a negativity that weren’t friends and had such an effect, and went and had fun for hours.

Merve A.

It’s a great place for families, I’m leaving Istanbul without getting lazy, I recommend it to everyone.

Gürsel C.

I went and I liked it very much, the pools were clean, the lifeguards were doing their job. Booth lifters are limited to 16 years old. I recommend everyone to go 👍🏻

Ayşe P.

2023 sezonu kapanmıştır. Gelecek yıl görüşmek dileğiyle.

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