Family Pool

Our pool for families, women and male/female partners

7-12 Age Children's Pool

Our pool specially prepared for our children aged 7-12

Baby Pool

Our pool specially prepared for our children aged 0-7

Mixed Adrenaline Pool

For our children aged 0-7, our pool, which is 120-170 cm deep, can be entered by anyone who knows swimming.

Polyester Adrenaline Pool

Our pool where our guests using the slides fall

Polyester Adrenaline Drop Pool

This is the pool where our guests who use Multi Slider, Compact Slider, Kamikaze and Open Slider slides fall into this polyester-coated pool.

What Our Guests Say

Seeing the negative comments, my wife and I hesitated whether it was worth going from Istanbul. But I’m glad we ignored those who pretended to have a negativity that weren’t friends and had such an effect, and went and had fun for hours.

Merve A.

It’s a great place for families, I’m leaving Istanbul without getting lazy, I recommend it to everyone.

Gürsel C.

I went and I liked it very much, the pools were clean, the lifeguards were doing their job. Booth lifters are limited to 16 years old. I recommend everyone to go 👍🏻

Ayşe P.

💬 Canlı Destek
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